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Good-Bye to INTERNET we know

Its time to say Good Bye to the free INTERNET we know, where your packet is never discriminated based on what it contains, where it is coming from and where it is going. Senate Commerce Committee, rejected the compromise language on Net Neutrality by splitting11-11, which would  mean a defeat for Net Neutrality.

The Senate Commerce Committee, splitting 11 to 11 and therefore rejecting compromise language, set the stage for a carrier-controlled Internet. If the bill passes the Senate and is signed by the President, you can kiss the Net you know "goodbye." Farewell, open networks and open standards. Soon every packet will be subject to inspection and surcharges based on what it carries and who sent it or where it is going. [ZDNet: Saying "goodbye" to the Net  ]

So very soon carriers will be empowered to inspect the packet and charge a premium not only based on the content, but possibly where it is coming from and where it is going. or a Tiered internet based purely on content type, means carriers will now offer a package Internet connection deal which literally says basic internet connection is $14.99 with which you can access emails and visit a few allowed websites, with optional adds ons : music internet $4.99 (you can listen and download MP3s), Video internet $4.99 (you can watch and download videos) and the list goes on. Having a package like cable television will not be a big surprise even.  America Top 60 for $15.99, which allows you to access top 60 websites mostly news and general. America Video Classics, $11.99 which allows you to watch and download videos from any video website. America top 100 Music, that allows to listen and download music from 100 listed websites. In a variation, carriers may set Band Width limitations where if you visit carrier owned music site, you will have unlimited Bandwidth while if you visit a site like Youtube or Flickr, every byte is counted towards the bandwidth limit and the consumer will have to pay premium charge for the additional bandwidth if he chooses to use.  Or something very creative and unbelievable package deal, but you have pay like $140 to goto any website you like.

We just have to watch and see how creative these Telcos can go. This is particularly interesting keeping in view the fact that most Telcos have been threatened by internet innovation and have been lossing business starting from IM to Skype phones. Recent hurried consolidiations is nothing but an indication that they can not compete for the same already cutdown pie and possibly survive longer. So, now its time for them to take a revenge and show internet companies what it feels like to be threatened. Time again to put some bucks on these telcos, after a long long time.

During the christmas, be ready to hear the analysts, confirming "Christmas sales revenue is down 5% from last year owing to increase in internet access fees".

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