Bill Gates to open doors of his heart to the world, stepping away from windows

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announced (Announcement Video) on Friday that he will be working part time at Microsoft and full time at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation by July 2008. However Bill Gates insisted that "he is not leaving Microsoft" and will continue to serve as Chairman even after July, 2008.

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It has been a phenonenal and legendary journey for Microsoft and Bill Gates. If it is not for Bill Gates and his Microsoft,  not many of us wouldn't have seen PC by this time. Despite the evolution of technology and greate entrepreneurs and competitors, still more than 90% of the desktops are powered by Microsoft Windows Operating system, a greatest of all feats, in a sense a miracle that only Microsoft could achieve in this cut throat competition era.

The Microsoft and the world of technology and business will miss a great and unparalleled visionary, but for a much greater and noble reason. With full time contributions from Bill Gates, the foundation now could expand its helping hand to more countries and give life to a lot more people. Bravo Bill Gates.You may be missed a little in the developing countries, but your presence will be now felt in the hearts of lot more people than you have won with your Windows. I read it as "Bill Gates is stepping away from windows to open doors of his heart to the world".

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