Best time to start a business is NOW

Many analysts are already started predicting that this is another Tech bubble, not just because many opportunities are too good to be true, but also because of the vast inflow of venture capital funds. But Bud Colligan and Mike Boich, venture capitalists say in this podcast ("Bud Colligan and Mike Boich - New Venture Opportunities") that

"it is a solid market. If you know how to decode it, an entrepreneur can capitalize on a growing demand for web based services and products. Ideas which looked unrealistic 5 years back are looking great today."

Few reasons why it is the best time to start a business, particularly a web based business:

  1. Internet has reached a considerable critical mass of  users for any web based business to take on.

  2. With the advent of broadband connections, users can download bandwidth intensive data and applications like video.

  3. Too many people are using internet and the number is growing crazy. This will introduce unexpected security issues.

  4. Almost all internet users are interesting in some kind of social networking.

  5. Lots of web based consumer products

  6. Extensive use of Multi media products like photos, music, video.

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