Analysts Theory vs Entrepreneur's experience to successfully build a company

Business2.0 Magazine published a cover page article in its June 2006 issue called "How to build a bullet proof startup - A 16 step plan to turn your big idea into the next Google". As usual, the guys who compiled this article are not entrepreneurs themselves, but must have compiled the article by doing some research. If anybody has a secret 16 step formula to make it to Google, he/she must have started one for himself. But like any other consultant or so called analysts, they wrote what they think will help based on research. Not from first hand experience. People who had first hand experience most cases will be busy in turning another dream to reality.

This is nothing new. All analysts and consultants, and most financial advisors who talk about how to make millions on stockmarket, never did anything great for themselves. They haven't earned millions. Most often, they are employed or earn their income on their analysis. They can only advise but can never act. Same case with this article.

But entrepreneurs who had first hand experience of what it takes to start up and run a successful business did not agree. Here is a response at 37 signals: How to shoot a bullet through your startup David 24 May 2006 If you argue who is right, with common sense approach and for argument sake many people find both are right. But few people who understand the difference and understand what is right for him/her will be moving one step forward in creating their dreams.

I believe, with my limited experience in starting and running a company successful company, there is no silver bullet. No fool-proof mechanism. No bullet proof startup. No 16 point plan that can make a startup company the next Google. Understand that Business2.0 has successfully sold its magazine. That is indeed a success story. If this article brings some new perspective, that is great. I don;t believe any serious entrepreneur looks at this article and rely solely on this 16 point plan to succeed. If that is the case, every start up would have become a next Google by now, because there is nothing new in this article that was not communicated earlier by thousands of authors, blogs and analysis papers and most important, the History of entrepreneurship itself.


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