H1B Quota for year 2007 : 39,445 applications by 05/15

Link to USCIS Page                                                           http://www.uscis.gov/graphics/services/tempbenefits/cap.htm

For fiscal year 2007, that starts from Oct 2006, USCIS has received 39,445 H1B applications and approved 6,465 cases by 15th May, 2006 update.  That leaves 18755 applications before it reaches the cap for this year. So if anybody is planning to apply for a H1B, better hurry up.

Update: The cap for H1B for fiscal year 2007 was reached on 26th May, 2006 itself. It is suprising since USCIS issued a notification on 25th that they have received around 50000 applications by 25th may, 2006.  And for a long time, they did not update the above link. Even on 3rd of June, it was still showing numbers around 50000. But there is this notification on their home page.



Ashim Mehta said…
is the H1B quota for the year 2007 filled??
according to the following report on yahoo news the cap was reached on may 26th...any application received later than may 26th will be rejected.
Could anyone confirm this news.

Sujatha said…
The latest news is that H1b cap has been reached on May 26th. What about the proposal to double H1b Visas to 115000. Is it for the 2006 quota? If so when will it open ? Please let me know. Thanks a lot.
Mathieu said…
Yes, the cap was reached. No more H-1B for 2007 if you don't fall in an exempted categories. The links in the article are pretty clear.
ppt said…
do u have any numbers for the special quota (20000) for 2007? when is it expected to reach?
Murali said…
About the special quota for H-1B Advance Degree Exemption of 20,000 visas, the same status page link shows that they have received 6,599 applications by 6/2/2006. So that would translate to around 13000 visas are still available. Since the general quota is complete, all MS students would file under this special quota. If you qualify, it would better to start proceedings at the earliest.

Regarding the visa hike to 115000, I am not aware of any clear dates and I seriously doubt that they will be available for this year, owing to long proceedings in the congress.
Priya said…
Hi Murali. I had a question regarding 2008 H1B quota. I fall under the Master's degree H1B quota which is 20000. I am graduating by April 2007. My transcripts will be available by end of May 2007. I am in a dilemma whether I should wait for my transcripts and apply for the MS H1B quota or just send my documents early April for the regular quota.
Chaudhari Satish said…
how much time it will takes for process of H1B yr 2007 and which is the best company/city for netwroking in USA.

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