Amazon dumps Google for Microsoft

The Amazon's A9 search website replaced Google with Microsoft to power its A9 search website. The contract with Google expired on sunday.

This is definitely a news for Microsoft, lagging in search engine war and is about to almost disappear on the scene. Google enjoys a formidable lead with 49% while Yahoo is standing at number 2 with 22%. Microsoft is loosing its market share almost everyday and stands currently at 11%.

I wasn't impressed by the Microsoft search engine when I first used long time ago. I never looked back at it again. I guess, the reason for Amazon to adopt Microsoft search engine to power their A9 search may not be purely technical. It doesn't make sense to be technical. 

However, this news story reverses the most famous prediction in the EPIC, that Google and Amazon come together to form GoogleZon to make Microsoft a history. Now it is more interesting than ever to watch how each one play the game and who wins.


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