Vonage Offers VoIP Mobile-Phone Calls in the UK

Link to story at NewsFactor Magazine

Vonage, the well known VOIP phone company and The Cloud of UK, leading provider of Broadband wireless will be unveiling a new service in May that enable making cheaper VOIP calls on mobile phones.  The service however only works with new handsets that support dual band (GSM + WiFi) and when the user is in the zone covered by a hotspot.   The Cloud is reported to have around 7000 WiFi hotspots across UK, providing an excellent footprint for greater use of this new service.

The starts a new era of making cheaper and mostly unlimited Mobile calls for a fixed monthly subscription when you are around hotspots. Considering the fact that 70% of mobile calls are made inside buildings, airports, home etc, if there are enough wifi hotspots, user can make most of his/her calls when using wifi-hotspot and hence they are almost free.  There are interesting stories from other service providers across Europe that started similar VOIP on Mobile services for a flat monthly fees.

E-plus from Germany with Skype is reported offering unlimited VOIP on mobile for a monthly fee of $39.99. And also France's second-largest consumer broadband provider, Iliad, launched a service that lets French customers using dual mode mobiles enjoy a similar service.


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