Surfing Journal

I love to surf the web. For fun. For information. Many times, as part of my work. Everytime, I visit a nice website, I used to write down the URL in my notebook or send in email so that I will have a note some where. But I often find it very difficult to get the url when I really needed it. Used to send an email whenever I wanted to share with somebody. But none of my buddies have no idea where I have been wandering, unless I send them an email. Not any more. I found website, an easy way to post urls from anywhere and get them back when I really need it. My buddies can instantly see the urls I post. Not just that; when they see an url that I like, they can automatically post it for me. Excellent way to keep in touch. So from now onwards will be the host of my surfing journal.

Here is the address:
And here is the rss feed:


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