Smoking kills an estimated 400,000 Americans ??

Who is responsible for this?
Tobocco companies are talking about responsible marketing, advertising to quit smoking, opening new web sites to inform smokers about the risks of smoking. Come on, there is one big step that these tobocco companies can take to give those 400,000 lives back....(at least won't kill any more) by stopping production of cigarettes. If they think they are so socially responsible why do they abet the killing of so many people every year.

America is Spending billions of dollars on War On Terror to fight out the external militants. What about people who are killing 400,000 people every year in America??

"We are an international company, we operate in nearly 180 countries and territories. There is a health warning on every packet and every carton of our cigarettes, no matter where they are sold in the world - even where governments don't require it. We want to do the right thing." - Mr.Harris, Phillip Morris

I believe, the right thing is to stop producing cigarettes. Not producing them and then spending millions of dollars on advertisements to stop smoking.


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