Thursday, November 24, 2005

Paul English's IVR Cheat Sheet

Link to the Cheat sheet:

Normally it takes around 15 minutes on most customer care service phone numbers to reach the human agents. But the cheet sheet provided by Paul English might give you the customer care agent at an average of 56 seconds, as per the news story on NPR. What a great relief.

I don't know how long this will work out. And how does it work if everyone try the same option? It has been really frustrating to get in touch with customer care agents. However short time it may workout, it is still a great relief.

I wish, the companies get the message and make it simple and really mean serving customer in providing easily accessible agents. I had a very painful experience with the customer care with Vonage, Uhaul and Budget truck rental and I summarized some of the reasons why customer service sucks for most of the companies along with detailed account of what happened in previous posts on my blog here.
Customer Service Sucks! Everywhere?
Vonage - Expecting good customer service is stupid
Uhaul, they stink
Budget Truck Rental Very tight budget for customer experiences.

Update: I tried calling Sprint PCS customer care, and I got agent just in few moments.

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