Communism in Capitalism via Insurance

Capitalism : Compact Oxford English Dictionary defines Capitalism as "An economic and political system in which a countrys trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state."
Communism : Communism refers to a theoretical system of social organization and a political movement based on common ownership of the means of production. As a political movement, communism seeks to overthrow capitalism through a workers' revolution and establish a classless society. --

In simple words, Capitalism recognises classes like rich and poor in the society, while Communism removes classes from society. As per communism, everybody enjoys the benefits irrespective of whether everybody contributed to it. If you see how the insurance works, there is a striking shadow of communism in capitalism. Everybody pays the insurance. But only few will reap the benefits. In other words, if you are paying your medical insurance, you are paying up every one's medical bills. Believe it or not, it is true.

The whole insurance industry runs on the principle that only a few will need to use the insurance amount. If every body gets sick and need serious medical attention to the maximum limits possible, then insurance company will go bankrupt immediately. Health insurance companies use the term "adverse selection" to describe the tendency for sick people to be more likely to sign up for health insurance. Then who will pay for their medical bills? In most cases, you do. According to the latest United States Census Bureau figures, approximately 85% of Americans have health insurance. Approximately 60% obtain health insurance through their place of employment or as individuals, and various government agencies provide health insurance to 25% of Americans. In most cases, believe me it is true that these employees or individuals do not use any insurance benefits.

So everybody in America shares the burden of medical bills for a select few who suffer. Doesn't it charity in the guise. Doesn't it a true sense of communism in the guise of capitalism?
I believe so.


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