MSDN Webcasts on Web Services

Here is a list of Webcasts available at MSDN. Most of the webcasts can be downloaded for off-line viewing.

Web Services (Level 300)
Web Services and Services Oriented Architecture (Level 200)
Web Services Update (Level 200)
Building and Consuming Web Services (Level 200)
Developing in the Web Service Playground (Level 300)
Using Asynchronous Patterns with Web Services (Level 300)
Application Decomposition for SOA Based Systems – Level 300
Service Patterns
Web Services Security Patterns (Level 300)
Web Service Standards Past, Present, and Future – Level 200
Defending Your Web Services—Level 200
Designing Services for the Long Term in Service-Oriented Systems (Level 300)
Patterns for Service Oriented Architecture—Level 200
Let's Learn About the WS Standards: Standards that Promote Interoperability between Web Service Implementations (Level 200)
WS-I Basic Profile
WS-I Base Profile (Level 200)
Web Services Interoperability Profile 1.0
WS-I Basic Profile Security Sample Application (Level 200)
WSE 2.0
Geek Speak: WSE 2.0 Introduction—Level 200
Implementing Routing and Attachments using WSE 2.0 (Level 400)
Securing Web Service Communications with WSE 2.0 (Level 400)
Web Service Message Transmission using WSE 2.0 (Level 400)
Managing Web Services Using WS-Policy in WSE 2.0 (Level 400)
Using Web Service Enhancements 2.0 for Messaging – Level 300
Integration & Interoperability
How to Design Your Web Services For Successful Interoperability (Level 200)
Interoperability and Integration Using Web Services– Level 300
Integration Patterns – Level 200
Microsoft .NET - J2EE Application Interoperability – Level 200
Microsoft Integration Technologies: When to Use What (Level 200)
Interoperability and Integration using Web Services - An Industry Perspective – Level 200
Governance and Compliance in Service-Oriented Solutions—Level 200
Security and Interoperability with WSE 2.0, WebLogic and Axis (Level 300)
BizTalk Web Services and WSE (Level 200)
Programming with the MapPoint Web Service (Level 200)
Design and Architecture for .NET Applications - Level 300
Using Web Services To Connect to SQL Server 2005 from Your Smart Client Applications (Level 200)
Using Web Services with BizTalk Server 2004
Best Practices for Implementing Effective Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Governance - Level 200
Web Services Orchestration, Management, and Security - Can They Play Together?
Increased Agility with Web Services
WSI Migration to WSE 3.0 and .NET 2.0 (Level 300)


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