Some things will never change in India..

Some things will never change in India like relying on Astrologers to do any thing
important.  Go and seek an astrolger to start some thing. Go and seek Astrologer if some thing does not workout.  Go and seek Astrologer if some thing works out well.
If it worksout well, then soon the astrolger would become a saint. He will be worshipped. If not, never mind, people will look for another. This goes on until they find one Astrologer where some thing will finally workout. And a few days later, they start searching again.
I recently came to know about an incident, where a girl who has been searching for a  job in Bangalore, was advised by an Astrologer to try in a different direction, as  in Bangalore nothing would workout for her. She also had to goto a famous temple to do special rituals. They decided to move from Bangalore to Hyderabad to look for a job.
I do not understand how it would help. And neither they do. This is what they believe in. This is quite common everywhere. Be a computer science engineer in Bangalore, doctor  in Delhi or
a farmer in the village. Astrologers have a special place in everybody's life in India. India's super Computer itself was inaugurated at a time set by an Astrologer. No wonder, any thing else is done without an Astrologer.


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