Medication to treat anxiety and depression?

Can medication influence your dreams? Can medication help you alter your thoughts?

I believe medication can not cure anxiety and depression either. As per my understanding, anxiety and depression are related to and caused by our thought process. There is no individual that I know of who never felt anxious or felt depressed. Everybody feels the burst of anxiety when he/she is about to do some thing new or when some thing is uncertain. And everybody feels little depressed, when some thing does not work out the way we expect it. It is quite common behavior.

I strongly believe that anxiety and depression can be cured and is possible only by acting on the root cause, changing the thought process and behavior. There is nothing wrong with the people suffering from it. They just needed a break. Let them realize that. It is definitely possible by continuously nurturing positive thoughts and behavior by giving them support and incentives at every opportunity to indulge in an activity of their choice and help them succeed. Prescribing highly seductive drugs, which everybody knows work on sympoms for temporary relief but not on the root cause, to treat depression and anxiety is highly unethical and inhuman.


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