Saturday, July 30, 2005

Free online SS7 Parser

I found an excellent online SS7 Parser at The web site features sample messages for MTP3, ISUP and TCAP(AIN0.2 and SCCP Subsystem Mgmt). If you have binary dump of any message, you can parse that message too. The parser page also allows to edit the existing sample messages on the web page itself. The message editing page shows the byte number and current value and allows you edit the byte right next to it. It is a great aid to learn SS7 messages.

Only ANSI versions are supported at this point. “ supports most of Bellcore GR-246-CORE, GR-1299-CORE, and ANSI T1.113-1992″.


  1. It looks like website is down. As an alternative you can try

  2. Thank you very much Dmitry for referring the Online Decoder at linkbit. The decoder at Linkbit is very impressive and support almost all protocols that a typical telecom engineer is interested in. I played around with a few messages. Thanks once again for sending the link. I can't wait to show it at my workplace. Most of my collegues will be delighted to see this.

  3. linkbit is also down :(

  4. linkbit is down :( it does not connect to server in order to decode SS7 packets. why? :((

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